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It was just a boring Thursday birthday but my 35th will always stand out as the day we got the keys to our first home here! Big shout-out to Brandon Long for working so hard to make it happen for us. It's taken Katie Morgan and I nearly 5 years to get to this point and we couldn't be happier to call the house our own!

Katie & Ryan Morgan - Home Buyers


It's official, I am no longer a home owner. House has been sold. I also started my new job this week. Boy I have been busy. Thank you Brandon Long.

Dalandra Dumas - Home Buyer

It's official!! We are home owners !!
Thank you for being so patient with us ! You did an amazing job :)

Julio & Kristina Reynosa - Buyers


Five years ago today we found the perfect house for us in Menifee.
Thanks, Brandon, for driving all the way up here to help us out!

Janice & Dave Lewis  - Sellers & Buyers


We cant thank you enough for all of the support you give and for all you do. It is so great working with you!

Thank you again, Your Escrow Girls - Jennifer, Brooke & Anne.


If you need a realtor Brandon is amazing! Very easy to work with and gets the job done!

Angela & Jason Gutzmer   


Thinking about your mentorship today. You have always been an amazing listener and the best real estate broker I know! We will be in the market for a ranch home in the future and I'll keep you posted.

Kirsten Miracle VanderJagt  - Past Buyer


I just want to make everyone aware of the extremely positive experience that my wife and I had with fellow duner and GD.com board member Brandon Long. Brandon owns Regional Realty in San Diego, CA and helped us purchase and sell a home.
We first contacted him in 2008 when we were looking for a home to purchase. He took the time to find out exactly what we wanted and was able to find us the perfect home within our budget that had everything we wanted and more. Finding the home was one thing but his experience in real estate really showed during the rest of the transaction. It was a bank owned property and Brandon was able to get us into the home in 30 days without a single issue.
During the next 5 years Brandon would check in periodically to see how things were going with the house, family, etc..

So when we recently decided that it was time to sell our home and move out of state, our first call was to Brandon. We sat down with him and went through details such as timeline, showing availability, asking price, etc... He had our home listed within a few days and we had multiple offers over asking price with a few days of the home hitting the market. That was great but it was how Brandon handled the counteroffers, appraisals, inspections, and documents that made my wife and I feel that we were working with the best real estate agent in San Diego. Escrow closed on our home 5 weeks after we first sat down with Brandon and it sold for well over our asking price. This was an amazingly smooth process and I am confident that Brandon is the reason that it worked out as well as it did for us.
So not only did he help us find the perfect home but he also helped us sell it at the high end of the market value 5 years later. Neither of the transactions could have went any smoother and both left us feeling like we were only customers and his highest priority.
If you are looking to buy or sell any real estate in the San Diego area, you would be doing yourself a great disservice if you didn't contact Brandon Long at Regional Realty. 

Derek Lisabeth "SpartanDuner" - Seller


Closed escrow on the house!!!! Thank you Brandon Long (Regional Realty and Investments, Inc.) for all your help and expertise. If anyone need’s a great real estate agent I highly recommend Brandon. He is very knowledgeable and easy to work with. His # is 619-990-3179.
We short sold our house. It was a long process and Brandon helped us with everything along way. We are so happy to be out from under such a huge debt and now can move forward with no reservations.

Matt & Jennifer Davey – Short Sale Sellers


As a past real estate client and now as Brandon’s wife, I have experienced first-hand the professionalism that Brandon has in the real estate market. Before marriage, Brandon guided me through my first home purchase. Needless to say, his real estate negotiating skills helped me obtain an amazing rental property with positive monthly cash flow. Now as Brandon’s wife, I get to see the amount of time, energy, and skill that he puts into each in every real estate transaction. Brandon has a true talent working with people. Regardless of the day of week or time of day, he closely monitors every escrow ensuring that his buyer or seller’s best interests are being met. It is very important to Brandon that his buyers and/ or sellers are satisfied at the end of the real estate transaction. Brandon prides himself on negotiating what works best for his represented client and always looks forward to another future real estate transaction.

Kim Long -Wife


I have asked for Brandon’s help on a number of transactions. Most recently I brought Brandon in to help sell a property of one of my very best clients. Normally there are risks when you refer someone not knowing if the client will be treated as you would want them. When dealing with Brandon I never worried and as expected the client had a great experience making me look better for referring such a professional. I am always looking for more ways to include Brandon and his associates in my client’s transactions.

Laurie Chandler – Stewart Title


Our experience with Brandon was wonderful! We are newly engaged, first-time home buyers, and we found our perfect home thanks to Brandon. Throughout the process, Brandon was extremely helpful and happy to answer any questions we had...and we had a lot! He is a real expert at what he does and he worked so hard to help us get this property. We heard short sales can take forever and be a real pain, but we were in our home in record time! He exceeded our expectations and we will recommend him to anyone looking to buy or sell.
Thanks again Brandon!

-Andrew Smith


As a Bank Owned Escrow Officer, I work with thousands of Brokers and Realtors on a monthly basis. I can not express enough how refreshing it is to work with Brandon. I can always rely on Brandon to have an answer to a question without delay, and if he doesn’t he goes to great measures to get the answer or matter resolved quickly. My escrows are never delayed when he is representing the property, in fact most often his files close early! He is highly efficient and assertive, anticipates problems and quickly identifies solutions. His work ethic and tenacity coupled with his industry knowledge makes him a preferred Broker and a pleasure to work with. His drive, and motivation to succeed, while ensuring the legal and ethical boundaries is far above and beyond what is customary in this industry. I would recommend Brandon to anyone and could not trust anyone else more.

Robert McKinley
Business Development
Equator /EQ Technology Solutions

I’ve known Brandon for close to 15 years and in that time I’ve gotten to know both his approach to business as well as his approach to life. In addition to being a great family man, Brandon is passionate about his business. He is driven by doing right by his clients and creating value through his representation. I would immediately recommend Brandon for anyone seeking a strong advocate, a knowledgeable advisor, or a skilled negotiator to work on your behalf in any of your real estate needs.

Jonathon Reed
Vice President / Operations Manager
Premier Home Builders or America


“Simply stated, Brandon Long continually finds a way to make it happen. His hard work, creative thought process, and determination to find options to solve any issues, makes his team stand apart from all other Realtors I’ve worked with.”

Howard Stanley
Senior Manager, Marketing
Kraft Foods Inc.
As a lead Short Sale Negotiator for Loss Mitigation I deal with thousands of files. I have worked with more real estate agents and brokers than I care to count. Brandon Long has always been one of my favorites and is a pleasure to work with as his short sale clients are always the most informed and educated through the process. Short Sale’s can be a sensitive issue for sellers and his short sale experience in dealing with lenders, professionalism and reassurance to his clients is what makes working with him such a pleasure….not to mention his results! I would recommend him to anyone thinking of Short Selling their home.

Matthew Johansen –Bank of America


Brandon helped us successfully short sell our home at a time that very sensitive for sellers. We had attempted a short sell in 2011 with another agent however that was not successful. One year later after trying to attempt loan modification, we decided we would try short selling again. I called Loss Mitigation, Jennifer Souza and was requesting some information from our last transaction. She made a call to Brandon and told him our experience. I had already scheduled an appointment with another agent. When he called I said I already have an agent. By the end of our conversation, that set me at ease, I called and cancelled that appointment. We had an offer in one week and closed in 2 months. Brandon tells you the truth. He is efficient and I will only use him in the future for any real estate purchases. Rest assured he will look after your best interest.

Our move from this home was a blessing and we have Brandon to thank for that.

Steve & Loren Reynolds
What can I say - Brandon is a 10 of 10 in persistence, patience and resourcefulness, and most importantly, he truly has his clients' best interest in mind. This 2012 short sale is my second transaction with Brandon, and I have come to realize that he knows just about everyone in the business. We had two buyers fall through during this deal, but Brandon never missed a beat - the same day, he had another one lined up and had the paperwork to me. If you need investors, lenders, bankers, you name it - Brandon knows them, has a good relationship with them, and he will make the deal happen. On top of that he's a good guy and easy to talk to. Brandon Long is the only realtor I would ever recommend to anyone for doing business in San Diego.

Cindy Lee


“Brandon Long, always on the ball, always a pleasure to work with!”

Mike Daniels
REO Prep Vendor Management
I have closely worked with Brandon Long and Regional Realty for approximately the past eight to nine years helping clients achieve their greatest goal with purchasing a new home. I would have to say that Brandon through his vast knowledge of the market, his connectivity to various avenues that the ordinary agent doesn't have, and is overall eagerness to build positive and long term relationships with people set him apart from the norm.

Brian Wagner (certified mortgage broker)
Brandon was awesome from start to finish...By the way my neighborhood is incredible!

John Atlas -

Brandon Long helped my family complete a short sale of our home, which was located in rural San Diego County. Brandon was positive and determined to find us a buyer right from the start. He saw the saturated market in our neighborhood as an opportunity. Brandon kept us updated often and was available at a moments notice to address our concerns and questions. He found us a buyer and helped keep them motivated to stay in the sale, even when our lenders were dragging their feet. Our sale was completed in November of 2010 and there are still homes on our street that were for sale the same time as ours, and they still haven't sold!!! Brandon was truly the difference.

Linda Akwal


Brandon was referred to us by a family friend and we are so thankful for all of his help. He was extremely knowledgeable about all the inn’s and out's of the entire process and trusted him completely. If there was something we questioned about the property or something we did not like, he immediately approached the seller with our concern and it was solved. He took the time to completely understand what it was we were looking for and helped us purchase our very first house. He not only was a great realtor, but he became our friend. We would happily recommend him to anyone. He genuinely cares and makes sure everyone in the party is happy.

William & Kim


My experience with Brandon was amazing. He was always emailing and calling me with new properties as soon as they went on the market. He asked detailed questions about our needs and where we wanted to live. He never bothered us with properties we were not interested in. We had been trying to find the right house for several weeks when he called me with what ended up being our new home. During the entire process we had to have numerous documents signed by the seller before we could close escrow. He was always extremely quick with getting it handled so we could move forward without waiting.

We were going to finance through our credit union because of loyalty, but Brandon saw this slowing down the process. In the middle of our credit union putting the mortgage together, Brandon convinced us to go another direction to save some money. He was right. He paired us with a mortgage broker who not only saved us thousands up front, but also got me a lower rate and finished the entire loan in weeks from the day we spoke with him first.

Brandon is polite, professional, extremely knowledgeable, responsive and very efficient. I have recommended Brandon Long to my friends and family and would highly recommend him to anyone in the market for a home.


Always; Steven Doherty


Brandon is knowledgeable, patient and an excellent sales person. I'm a Real Estate Broker and I have been in and around this business for 20 years. I have managed hundreds of agents. I am also an Attorney and a CPA. When a person with my background decides to use a broker, it's because that broker brings value to the table. Brandon brings a lot to the table, and can be trusted to work hard on a principle's behalf. More importantly, Brandon gets results.

David Sampson (Remax Broker/Idaho)

Brandon has been, and will continue to be, my real estate agent of choice. Brandon was instrumental in selling our first condo and helping us buy our current home in 2003. His knowledge of the buying and selling process, as well as the loan origination and escrow process, was instrumental in making that sale (the buyer's agent was not as knowledgeable and helped BOTH sides come to an agreement). He has a keen eye for properties with potential (if that's what you're looking for) or move-in ready homes. His negotiation skills are some of the best I've ever seen, and always seems to get the information needed to move the negotiation in our favor.

Eric & Elizabeth MacDonald


“Mr. Long is on top of his game when he guided me through my first investment property purchase through the end. It was the most difficult of circumstances surrounding this transaction from the market conditions to the seller’s demands: fortunately Brandon navigated me through the process. I was so impressed by Brandon’s knowledge, integrity and relentless work ethic that I immediate asked him to help out my friends and family. Thanks to Brandon I now own a great investment and can recommended him to anyone.

Holly Williams
Senior Loan Specialist
Bank of America

We are finally unpacked in our new home and loving every minute!

We cannot thank you enough for stepping in and saving us from a real estate 'drowning". With all the unknowns in this market and economy, it was refreshing to find someone who was honest, upfront and diligent, making sure things happened and moved along in the process.

You understood our family's needs, found the best home for us, and did everything in your power to make the closing as smooth and fast as possible. We appreciated the advice and expertise you shared, from the finance contacts to the home warranty security. It was a pleasure to work with you. We will be sure to recommend your services to others.

Cindy & Ron Houser

From day one I noticed a difference working with Brandon Long. I could tell his priority was to help me find the right property for me and that he would do whatever it took. Even steer me clear of bad situations. I know Brandon is working with and for me.”-Randall

Randall Lewinsky
Sales Director/ Shea Homes
"I have known Brandon for many years as both a friend and business 'consultant'. He has helped my family three separate times in evaluating home purchases and structuring the best loan options available in the marketplace. All three times, his assistance, follow through and advice have always been spot on. I always seek Brandon’s knowledge when it comes to my real estate and mortgage decisions. If you have the opportunity to work with Brandon, I highly recommend him!
Cindy Nguyen
Tax preparer
“As a first time home buyer and being from a different country I was scared to buy a home in America. Brandon guided me in an excellent way through the whole process. I felt very secure with him. He is somebody who gets things done, is able to explain everything and the most important thing he is listening to his client needs. Thank you Brandon, and I will definitely recommend him to my friends and everybody who is looking for a professional broker.”
Harish, Diveau
One year ago today we moved into our house in Menifee. Many thanks to all the people who helped us with the move. Thanks also to Brandon Long, our realtor, who drove all the way up from San Diego to show us the house.
Janice Lewis
“Brandon, you have to stop by my house to enjoy the view, it is so beautiful & very peaceful.

Thanks for everything. U ARE GREAT! We know that our choice of Real Estate Broker is right”.
Jeff Morehouse


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